The Objective: Produce a short collage film about surfing for the art exhibit “Silhouette Surfers” showing at Clarion Sea U in Helsingborg Sweden from May 5 – June 30, 2023.

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Joakim Lloyd Raboff


My name is Joakim Lloyd Raboff and I am a Swedish-American visual artist with broad experience in film and photography. Simply put, I provide clients with creative ideas of how to highlight their brands, products, and services with engaging visual storytelling. I’ve produced numerous commercials, exhibit and conference material, wall art for public spaces, travel guides for newspapers and more than 20 popular books.

Some of the clients whom I’ve produced film, photography, and marketing content for:

• United Nations • Malmö Opera • Skanska • Midroc • Nösund Havsbad • Aftonbladet • Allt om Resor • Bonnier Förlag • Scandinaviska Enskilda Banken • IKEA • ICA • Nordic Choice • Ängelholms Kommun • Malmö stad • HSB  • PEAB • Whilborgs • Tetra Pak • Trelleborg • Kockum Fritid • IBM • Assa Abloy • Bar Italia • Clarion Hotel Malmö Live • Clarion Hotel Sea U • Cool Stuff • Finja Betong • Greenfield AB • Hotel Esplanade • ICA Maxi Västra Hamnen • ICA Vågen • La Soupe • LINK Arkitekter • White Arkitekter • Rosengårds Fastigheter • Skånetrafiken • Vasakronan • Våningen & Villan • Viktväktarna • Smarta Kök • Park Inn Malmö • Leimdorfer • Fluidity Design • Santa Monica City Council • Eloped 

With over 25 years of professional experience as a visual artistt and storyteller, I’ve worked with some of Sweden’s most well-known and respected companies and organizations.

Get in touch today to learn more about my collaborative process and how it can help your company engage and inspire your customers.


Joakim Lloyd Raboff
Visual Artist
Mobile/WhatsApp: +46709404919


    The Objective: Produce a short documentary about the remarkable few blocks called Sieng Gong in Bangkok’s Talat Noi neighborhood.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short inspirational film from the exotic ski resort Bansko in the Bulgarian alps for www.airlinestaffrates.com

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  • MyDOG 2023

    The Assignment: Produce a short documentary film from MyDOG, the largest dog show in the Nordic countries for www.hundvanligahotell.se

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    The Assignment: Produce an inspiring ad for sports center Kockum Fritid’s group training classes by Less Mills, including Combat, Attack and Pump.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short inspirational film about spinning at Kockum Fritid, a popular sports center in Malmö, Sweden.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short filmed presentation about Elin Gärdenfors, BIM Manager & Innovation Strategist at MaritimeBIM AB in Helsingborg, Sweden.

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    The Assignment: Photograph images for a book that documents the artists and vibrant cultural vibe at Sliperiet Gylsboda Arts & Cultural Center in southern Sweden. The origin’s of the center stem from the nearby rock quarry where diabase is to this day exploited. Many of the artists at Sliperiet Gylsboda use the black rock as a means to express their creativity. The project also included a mini documentary.

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    The Assignment: Storyboard and produce a short film visualizing how customers can easily order groceries from supermarket ICA Maxi online and have them delivered to their homes.

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    A showreel of scenes from various film projects in Sweden and abroad where drone footage was required.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short inspirational film about two new padel tennis courts at the sports center Kockum Fritid in Malmö Sweden.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short film about Soi Dog, the successful dog and cat shelter on the island of Phuket, Thailand for www.hundvanligahotells.e

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    The Assignment: Capture the making and baking of the delicous cinnamon buns with pastry chef Paula Cederlöf at Abisko Mountain Lodge for the popular Swedish hotel blog www.hotelladdict.se

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    The Assignment: Produce a teaser ad for The Terrace, a new rooftop bar at Clarion Hotel & Congress in Malmö, Sweden.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short ad showcasing a customer enjoying the Italian café and restaurant Bar Italia’s artisan soft ice cream.

    Result as of February 2022: 67k Youtube views.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short film to inspire members at fitness facility Kockum Fritid to train in the new Kockum Express circuit room.

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    The Assignment(s): Produce informative and inspiring guides with editorial copy and photographs from around the world.


    The Assignment: Produce a commercial showcasing how wonderfully joyous and easy it is to vacation in western Sweden with your dog.

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    The Assignment: Produce a series of insprining commercials focused on attracting tourist to the municipality of Ängelholm in southern Sweden. This particular shot is taken from the film “Cozy Bjäre”. Click below to view it.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short film and several large format images focused on the aurora polaris in Scandinavian Artic and shown during a climate conference held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.

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    The Assignment: Produce a commercial about travel agency SEMBO’s Raod Trips.

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    Film for Stena Line Sembo

    The Assignment: Interview co-owner Eduardo Mondolfi and share his thought’s on wine, food and sustainability.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short film for the popular beach bar and lounge Vibes about their summertime Breakfast Yoga Class.

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    The Assgnemnt: Capture a few moments and thoughts of Swedish artist Johan Carlsten during a typical day in his studio.

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    The Assignment: A combination project consisting of multiple shoots and deliverables, including images and films for one of Malmö’s most appreciated cafés and artisan ice cream factory’s.

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    The Assignment: Create a series of short, instructional and inspirational films describing a “Best Practiice” way to prepare and serve food.

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    The Assignment: Photography at Kockum Fritid, the leading activity center in Malmö, and capture their entire range of activities for the their “image bank”. The project also included a dozen short films from a variety of activities, including swimming.

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    The Assignment: Produce and display large images and a film conveying beauty of the Artic at a climate conference with over 400 delegates at the United Nation’s Headquarters in New York for the Swedish Mission to the UN.


    The Assignment: Produce a short film about how the municipality’s tourist destinations, including restaurant ts like Strandhugget in Vejbystrand, are largely dog-friendly.

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    The Assignmnt: FIlm a short pressentation of Dr Samuel West, founder of The Museum of Failure and The Museum of Disgusting Food, talking about happiness for the Swedish consultancy firm, Happy Economy.

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  • Nordic Choie Hotels

    The Assignment: Capture precious moments when the hotel chain’s mascots Lollo & Bernie pay a visit to Quality Hotel View in Hyllie, Sweden.


    The Assignment: Capture a series of press photos of the company’s vibrant CEO Petra Sörling. The project was an extension of a two-year collaboration which included 4 short portrait films about key staff members. One of which was focused on Mrs Sörling.

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    The Assignment: Capture the soul of Living Room Bar, a cozy lobby saloon at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live in Malmö, Sweden. An establishment where only the very finest Gin & Tonics and other tasty beverages are created for discerning patrons. I was also produced a short commercial about the bar’s GT offerings.

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    The Assignment: Produce a short film that captures the essential soul of Bamboo Yoga, a beachfront yoga retreat on Patnem Beach in Goa, India.

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A book about Sliperiet in Gylsboda was long a dream. When he and I met during an exhibit we both partook in, I saw what we needed for the book in Joakim’s imagery. Fortunately, he saw potential in the idea and helped us make the dream come true. After just two months, we had a book in our hands. And what a book it is!

Joakim complemented the book “Sliperiet Gylsboda Art and Culture Center” with two short films that highlight our quarry village Gylsboda perfectly.

During the early summer of 2021, Joakim helped us at Sembo to produce an inspiring commercial about our popular Road Trips. The film clearly showed that it’s both easy and fun for our traveling customers to take their dog, big or small, along on a wonderful vacation.

We are very pleased with the film Joakim produced and how it engaged our audience and contributed to promoting Sembo’s Road Trips in Sweden.

I really enjoyed our collaboration during the creation and production of the two dog-themed commercial films for West Sweden Tourist Board.

You are very nice to work with, responsive and driven as well as thorough in preparation and implementation.
Thanks, Joakim!

Working with Joakim as a film producer and still photographer has been a great experience. He is meticulous in his location research, creative during production, and delivered very high-quality films on time and within our agreed budget.

We would very much like to collaborate with Joakim in the future.

Joakim is a very resourceful and innovative person and an outstanding photographer that strives for excellence, which shows in the quality of his work. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and a very professional, intelligent, problem-solver whom is both insightful and excellent with follow-up. His words translate to actions immediately. Any client would be lucky to have access to Joakim’s creative mind and eye for perfection, and I hope to one day work with him again.

Joakim has an exceptional creative ability to take our grand visions and convert them into tangible customer benefits whether they be fine-tuned presentations, demonstration films, field documentaries, or high-level pitch presentations.

His razor-sharp, precision-focused visualizations and impressive storytelling capabilities are always packaged elegantly – even when working ad-hoc, under extreme time constraints, and with a limited budget.

For more than five years, Joakim delivered high-quality articles and guides – even when production was intense and deadlines were tight at the travel magazine, Allt om Resor. I always new I could give him assignments that would be delivered on time and complete.

It was a difficult task to have to choose between all the magnificent images and his material felt inspiring and fresh. Joakim has visited all those places that people dream about but few have documented so well.

Working with Joakim is like having three people in one. Photographer, film producer, and director. Joakim has contributed many “out of the box” ideas – which fits our brand very well.

Joakim provides a quick turnaround and always excellent quality. Warmest recommendation from us at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live in Malmö Sweden.

Joakim is great to work with! He has turned our at times challengingly short and often budget-constrained marketing briefs into amazing visual results that exceeded our wildest expectations.

There is no doubt that Joakim has a uniquely focused attitude towards the finer details and how important it is to focus on the whole picture. After engaging him on several projects, I can easily say that collaborating with him has always been a creative experience and a great pleasure.

It has been very easy to work with Joakim while documenting most of Kockum Fritid’s extensive range of activities for our new website – launched in February 2016. 

Kockum Fritid has Malmö’s largest range of sporting activities under one roof – including a modern gym, a wide scope of workout classes, indoor swimming pools, ice rink, sports halls for badminton and squash, but also conference facilities, a restaurant, sports shop and a masseur. 

Joakim’s positive attitude made our collaboration both smooth and creative and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Joakim makes me look good! In my job as a marketing manager, I make a wide range choices and decisions on behalf of my clients. I can’t even count how many times Joakim’s great eye for detail and problem solving skills have helped me help my clients – resulting in excellent communication – be it photography, film or just general idea generating. And not even once has he not kept our agreed deadlines.

He is so timely, I can barely keep up with him! Needless to say, our collaboration will be ongoing for as long as he wants to work with me.

When I think of Joakim Lloyd Raboff as a photographer, I think only in superlatives. It has been a privilege and joy working with Joakim for the last six years as he has consistently provided me with excellent press photos and marketing material for my music festival, “Goodnight Sun” in Malmö, Sweden.

I think Joakim’s greatest asset is the genuine love and curiosity he has as a photographer. These features create a platform for his investigative and constantly developing visual sensibilities – always in search for the optimum perspective and light. This in turn generates the accuracy and formidable precision that is his hallmark.