All Photos © Joakim Lloyd Raboff

    En kvinna som äter gelehallon

The food photographs in the below collection were captured during various commercial or editorial assignments for newspapers and clients that run cafés, restaurants, and hotels.

On a personal level, I am far from a typical “foodie”. That said, I have always enjoyed and appreciated the artistic and culinary experience of eating food from wildly different cultures, both made from original recipes, experimental, and fusion – preferably with a twist here and there!

How food is presented is incredibly important, whether that be at home, in a restaurant, on a website, as a tweet, or a TikTok short.

Capturing appetizing images of professionally prepared and presented meals is inspiring but can often be challenging, especially when captured “live” in a scene where poor or mixed lighting conditions can interfere aesthetically.

The bottom line: professionally taken photographs help attract guests. When they find your website or social media channel, or, look at a menu to see what you have to offer, the chances of them ordering your appetizing suggestions immortalized photographically are just so much higher.