All Photographs © Joakim Lloyd Raboff


Of all the places I’ve been to, all the cities, villages, and towns, Tokyo is interestingly always among my top three or four places that I would revisit again and again. 
A visit to Tokyo leaves no one untouched. Japan’s capital is so intense, so vibrant and so awake. And yet Tokyo is incredibly organized and well-structured. Not to mention clean and orderly. My favorite neighborhood is along Kappabashi Street (かっぱ橋道具街, Kappabashi Dōgugai) which is a shopping street between Ueno and Asakusa districts.

Most of the urban landscape in this part of the city is characterized by relatively low-rise buildings and a plethora of small, mom & pop specialty shops. Many of Tokyo’s tens of thousands of restaurants buy cookware, tableware, and other restaurant things on Kappabashi, so this is obviously a great place to buy cooking knives – and fake food, if you’re into that kinda stuff.

The famous Tsukiji Market (築地市場, Tsukiji shijō) seen in this collection has since 2018 moved to Toyosu Fish Market.