A book about Sliperiet in Gylsboda was long a dream. When he and I met during an exhibit we both partook in, I saw what we needed for the book in Joakim’s imagery. Fortunately, he saw potential in the idea and helped us make the dream come true. After just two months, we had a book in our hands. And what a book it is!

Joakim complemented the book “Sliperiet Gylsboda Art and Culture Center” with two short films that highlight our quarry village Gylsboda perfectly.

During the early summer of 2021, Joakim helped us at Sembo to produce an inspiring commercial about our popular Road Trips. The film clearly showed that it’s both easy and fun for our customers to take their dog along on a vacation. We are very pleased with the film and how it contributed to promoting Sembo’s Road Trips.

I really enjoyed our collaboration during the creation and production of the two dog-themed commercial films for West Sweden Tourist Board.

You are very nice to work with, responsive and driven as well as thorough in preparation and implementation.
Thanks, Joakim!

Working with Joakim as a film producer and still photographer has been a great experience. He is meticulous in his location research, creative during production, and delivered very high-quality films on time and within our agreed budget.

We would very much like to collaborate with Joakim in the future.

Joakim is a very resourceful and innovative person and an outstanding photographer that strives for excellence, which shows in the quality of his work. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and a very professional, intelligent, problem-solver whom is both insightful and excellent with follow-up. His words translate to actions immediately. Any client would be lucky to have access to Joakim’s creative mind and eye for perfection, and I hope to one day work with him again.

Joakim has an exceptional creative ability to take our grand visions and convert them into tangible customer benefits whether they be fine-tuned presentations, demonstration films, field documentaries, or high-level pitch presentations.

His razor-sharp, precision-focused visualizations and impressive storytelling capabilities are always packaged elegantly – even when working ad-hoc, under extreme time constraints, and with a limited budget.

For more than five years, Joakim delivered high-quality articles and guides – even when production was intense and deadlines were tight at the travel magazine, Allt om Resor. I always new I could give him assignments that would be delivered on time and complete.

It was a difficult task to have to choose between all the magnificent images and his material felt inspiring and fresh. Joakim has visited all those places that people dream about but few have documented so well.

Working with Joakim is like having three people in one. Photographer, film producer and director. Joakim has contributed many “out of the box” ideas – which fits our brand very well.
He provides a quick turnaround and excellent quality. Warmest recommendation from us at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live.

Joakim is great to work with! Turns our at times challengingly short and often budget-constrained marketing briefs into amazing visual results that exceed our expectations.

Joakim has a unique insight to how important details are and collaboarting with him is always a pleasure.

It has been very easy to work with Joakim while documenting most of Kockum Fritid’s extensive range of activities for our new website – launched in February 2016. 

Kockum Fritid has Malmö’s largest range of sporting activities under one roof – including a modern gym, a wide scope of workout classes, indoor swimming pools, ice rink, sports halls for badminton and squash, but also conference facilities, a restaurant, sports shop and a masseur. 

Joakim’s positive attitude made our collaboration both smooth and creative and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Joakim makes me look good! In my job as a marketing manager, I make a wide range choices and decisions on behalf of my clients. I can’t even count how many times Joakim’s great eye for detail and problem solving skills have helped me help my clients – resulting in excellent communication – be it photography, film or just general idea generating. And not even once has he not kept our agreed deadlines.

He is so timely, I can barely keep up with him! Needless to say, our collaboration will be ongoing for as long as he wants to work with me.

When I think of Joakim Lloyd Raboff as a photographer, I think only in superlatives. It has been a privilege and joy working with Joakim for the last six years as he has consistently provided me with excellent press photos and marketing material for my music festival, “Goodnight Sun” in Malmö, Sweden.

I think Joakim’s greatest asset is the genuine love and curiosity he has as a photographer. These features create a platform for his investigative and constantly developing visual sensibilities – always in search for the optimum perspective and light. This in turn generates the accuracy and formidable precision that is his hallmark.