All Photographs © Joakim Lloyd Raboff


Hawaii is easily more beautiful than what can be conveyed without actually being there. I’ve had the incredible fortune to have experienced the wonderful beauty on three of these magical islands; Kauai, Maui and Oahu. 

My very first visit to Hawaii was to Oahu. It was 1994 and I was on a round the world trip and had bought a bicycle in Los Angeles, primarily for a longer stay in New Zealand, further down the road. I ended up staying for a few weeks in Honolulu and then not returning for close to 20 years when my family joined me.

The Hawaiian climate is superbly perfect, never too hot or too humid. Which makes the tropical and coastal scenery so much easier to enjoy. As diverse as Oahu is, Maui is by far my favorite island – in no small way thanks to an exhilarating helicopter tour of among other gorgeous places, the island’s famous Haleakalā Crater.

Kauai and Oahu both have plenty to offer including excellent surfing and great nightlife. Oahu has its North Shore and Pearl Harbor and is arguably the more diverse culturally of the two. Regardless of whichever Hawaiian island you visit, the experience is life-lasting.