All Photographs © Joakim Lloyd Raboff

Iceland had long been on my wishlist of places I wanted to experience. My first visit came to be thanks to an invite from the Icelandic Tourism Board and an assignment by Swedish travel magazine “Allt om Resor”.

Iceland is a remarkable, mystic place, for sure. Barrenly beautiful, cold yet full of warmth, minimalistic but also intriguingly rich with culture, nature and mythology. While I probably won’t be eating fermented shark again, at least anytime soon, one of the strongest memories from my visits to this volcanic island nation is how sumptuous the food was. Even stronger was my impressions of how friendly the Icelanders were during my tour of the country. Especially on the Westman Islands, south of Iceland. I’ve lived on a few islands over the years and I suppose I’ve developed a passion for islands and the islanders that live on them.