All Photos © Joakim Lloyd Raboff

Greece is one of first countries I visited outside of Scandinavia once I’d moved to Sweden in 1978. That trip was in 1983 during a monthlong Interrail trip that led me to beautiful Corfu. I’ve been returning to Greece ever since. Most recently to Santorini and the absolutely gorgeous village of Oia was a breathtaking, visual treat.

My visit to the Greek (but Italian sounding) island of Santorini happened way after the summer’s high season period had concluded. I tend to recommend visiting popular destinations like Santorini during the off-season. Interestingly, a day or two after I had arrived, literally hundreds of tourists from mainland China poured into the village. Apparently, a then very popular Chinese “rom-com” had a scene in it that played out in Oia. So, despite it being October and a bit nippy, at least when the sun wasn’t out, nothing was going to stop the movie’s diehard fans from capturing a selfie (or, even getting engaged!) on the same cliff as the film’s romantic duo. The faraway tourists didn’t stay for long and as soon as the sunset, the village was (thankfully) more or less empty again.