All Photographs © Joakim Lloyd Raboff

I’ve been to London many times since my first visit during an Interrail backpacking tour of Europe in 1983. One of my favorite neighborhoods in East London is Shoreditch. In no small way thanks to all the amazing murals and graffiti on display there.

London is such an incredible place. Like many of the world’s ancient cities, London has a lot of soul under its at times glossed-over surfaces. I tend to shy away from the capital’s most touristy destinations and instead seek out the grittier side of East London. Neighborhoods like Shoreditch, Spitalfield, Whitechapel, Wapping, Stoke, and Canary Wharf have so much to offer – at least until they too become gentrified….

Shoreditch is particularly interesting as it has become my favorite place to enjoy wall art and giant murals. Shoreditch also offers a wealth of surfaces for my Resurfaced art project.