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This is a collection of editorial and commercial travel photographs from places I’ve had the amazing fortune to have spent some time visiting, working, or, even living. I am unapologetically addicted to traveling. Travel takes me out of my comfort zone. It challenges me and forces all my senses to adapt to new surroundings and solve whatever hurdles that inherently arise when I’ve left my comfort zone.

More importantly, traveling allows me to engage with local people, appreciate their cultural expressions and listen to the stories they tell.

I was born in Los Angeles but have had my base camp in Sweden since I was a young teenager. To this day, I still think Sweden is the ultimate place to begin and end a journey. Especially after visiting densely populated cities in Africa, Asia and, America

My very first intercontinental flight went to Sweden way back in 1966 when my mother Solveig “Ina” Andersson-Raboff and I visited her parents in Trollhättan, which is not too far from Göteborg.

I’ve no way to even try to calculate all the miles I’ve traveled since that first trip. According to the Google Travel Map I’ve created and published below, I’ve so far visited at least 300 cities in 60 different countries. Hope to add a few more…

If I had to pick a favorite European destination it would be easy: Portgual. Portugal has much of what I enjoy when I travel. Great food, friendly, laid-back locals, a stunning, surf-friendly coast, and, a super interesting cultural heritage expressed in just every imaginable, visual, audible, editable way.

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